We give you back your hard-earned free time!

You will be able to achieve a 90-minute conventional workout in only a 20-minute Wellfit EMS session. Our classes are offered as private, one-on-one, or semi-private, up-to-8-clients, and always under the direction of an EMS certified trainer. 


What our clients say

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“Since I started my exercises with WellfitEMS I immediately noticed  great help in burning extra fat not only for 48 hours after the workout but I also felt an increased ability to burn fat for energy during normal daily activities.”

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“You breeze through every session in just 20 minutes and it is only 2 times per week. This has made quite a change in my weekly schedule. Six weeks into it and I feel like a new person. I’m very satisfied. If I did it, anybody can do it!”

— Andrea

— Marcos





Pastora's experience in group training and personal training allow her to have a more personal interaction with her clients, giving her an opportunity to help them in an important part of their lives. When clients look good, they feel good, their health improves and approach in life is more positive. Born and raised in Venezuela, Pastora went to school for marketing and advertising. This helps classes evolve to be more dynamic and fun.



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